Kitabis Pak Co-pay Assistance

PARI’s mission is to improve the lives of those affected by respiratory diseases and those who provide care to them. This is reflected in our comprehensive portfolio of innovative products and services.

Our newest product, Kitabis® Pak, reflects our mission and embraces patient access, providing drug and device together. Patient access also includes eliminating the drug co-pay burden for our patients, wherever possible.

To better serve eligible patients and make it easy for our valued partners to support our effort with drug co-pay, PARI introduces our Kitabis Pak Co-Pay Assistance Program. This is an electronic program administered by our partner pharmacies and does not require a printed co-pay card. Patients are required to have a valid prescription for Kitabis Pak. Patients are not required to register for the co-pay program and there is no yearly maximum. Program covers up to $1440 per prescription. Not all patients are eligible. Please see eligibility below.

The card displayed below is for reference only.